Monday, November 26, 2012

90 Day Challenge Update

Hello friends! How many of you are "back to the grind" today after a full week off? We are over here, and so far, it's going better than I had anticipated it would. Maybe the kids were sick of being home?
Last week I weighed myself on Wednesday (before Thanksgiving!) and was down a total of 6lbs on my Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge. That was only 2 1/2 weeks into it, so I was pretty happy with my results!
Then, this happened:
That photo shows only a small portion of what our Thanksgiving feast included. And it didn't stop there. I gave myself a little bit too much freedom over the 4 day weekend when it came to eating. And by day 3, I was feeling it. I probably gained back 3 pounds, but the battery in my scale died, so I have no official weight update. That's probably for the better.
So after that food-filled weekend, I was actually looking very forward to having my Visalus shake for breakfast this morning, and have my walk planned here in a little bit. Back on track today!

If you're on a weight loss program/diet, how did you do over the weekend? Are you back on track today too? Or did you do way better than I did and stay on track all weekend?
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