About Me

Welcome to My (Not So) Glamorous Life. I'm a 30 year old, frazzled, homemaking mommy who's always on the go! I have 3 children, Big Boy (8 years), Little Boy (5 years), and Little Lady (2 years). I've been married to The Hubs for 10 years.

I try my best to maintain a household, raise good children, and be a good wife. I am constantly struggling with my frugality, and my schedule which often leaves me short on time and money.
I "work" on the board of directors at a play based preschool. I attempt to run to several appointments each week (Little Lady has a condition called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita that requires lots of appointments), clean house, cook meals, and still keep just a few ounces of my sanity in tact.
There's not a whole lot of glamor going on here,  but I still love every minute of it!
Wont you join me for the ride?
Real Life, Real Kids, Real Messes, Real Mommy. That's My (Not So) Glamorous Life!
See how he still cracks me up? Love him!