Friday, June 15, 2012

Just for Fun Friday!

We are officially on summer vacation around here! Yay! It's my most very favorite time of year.
Yesterday, to kick off summer vacation and to celebrate my nephew's 4th birthday, we went to the local lake and spent the day. It was a great time!
Little Lady LOVES the Sand and Water!

Today my Kiddos went to their grandma's house. I hit up a charity benefit rummage sale at my son's school and made out like a bandit! I got my Big Boy more than enough pairs of shorts to last him the summer  , and the next school year (great brands like Hurley, Volcom, Fox, and Quicksilver!), plus a nice button up shirt for The Hubs, and 2 pairs of swim trunks plus a hat for my Little Boy. Plus two chairs that I can't wait to re-do! All of this for only $21.00!!!
The Clothing Haul. Over 15 pairs of shorts, plus more!!

After that, I gave my car some much needed and long overdue TLC in the form of an oil change, car wash, vacuum, and gas fill up.
Happy Car
So that was my Just For Fun Friday!!!! Glad it's the weekend and I'll have two days with The Hubs being home. What are your plans for the weekend?