Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIY Mayonnaise

I will preface this post by saying, if you like to whisk, then homemade mayonnaise is for you!!
If you hate to whisk... then perhaps you should stick to the jar you picked up at the grocery store.

A few weeks ago I made a random decision to start making my own mayo. I really have no idea why I decided to do this, but I've been trying to make more and more things at home lately, so I'll chalk it up to that.
In any case, I spent a while perusing Google for homemade mayonnaise recipes. I found a lot of them, but they all had the same basic idea behind them. 
I came across an article that seemed informative, so I took out my ingredients and got to work.
I had already mixed my salt, water and egg yolk before it occurred to me that I should snap some pictures, so you miss the first bit.

You have to start by adding the oil just a teeny tiny bit at a time. Literally 2 drops or so to start. Otherwise it will separate instead of emulsify. Not good!

Starting to look good and creamy now! After this, you can begin to add the oil with a slow, constant drizzle instead of drop by drop.

I am just really pleased with the way this mayo turned out. And crazy excited that I got it to work on my very first try! YAY for ME!! It's really tasty and I'm excited to try my hand at some different variations on the recipe.
Go give it a try!!

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