Friday, June 15, 2012

Excuse me while I punch this guy in the Throat...

Friends, be warned, I am stepping up onto my soapbox right now.

To the douche-bag behind me in line at the store today:
Not that it was any of your business in the first place, but my daughter does not need glasses or have a lazy eye. Please believe me, and don't argue, when I tell you that she has seen enough doctors for me to be sure of this. 
She has a Pseudostrabismus, and slightly asymmetrical face, that just gives the appearance sometimes that her eye is lazy. She see's countless doctors and therapists, and her health and well being is constantly being monitored. Mind your own business in the future please. Believe me, I am aware of all of the problems that my daughter has. I am so tuned in to her, that we could be the same person. 
Back. The. Hell. OFF!!!!
I don't really care that your lazy eye was operated on and you wear glasses. Unless you can produce to me your medical degree, please don't begin to diagnose my daughter. 

To my friends who don't know, I am the mother of a child with special needs. Sometimes she acts different than others her same age. Sometimes she looks different than others her same age. The same applies to me. 
It is a very delicate zone that we tread every day. But we manage. My Little Lady is full of Grace, beauty and strength.  
Please keep these words in mind the next time you are in a store and see a mother with a special child. Instead of undermining her as a parent (I'm positive that NONE of you would do that anyways) or giving a pitying look, simply give that mother a warm smile and tell her that her child is beautiful. Because you know what? Her child is beautiful.
My daughter has a rare condition called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita. 
She goes through more in one week than most people go through in a year.
(You can read more about our journey in our other blog Hope and Grace)

I will now proceed to step down off of my soapbox.