Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Food on my Face (and why I'll never need to buy facial moisturizer again!)

My skin is so happy lately because I've been putting food on my face.
Ok, to clarify, I am not putting the mashed potatoes and gravy from last nights dinner on my face. About two months ago, I started washing my face with honey. Raw, Organic Honey.
This jar cost me about $8.00 at a local health food store
I was first introduced to the idea by my good friend Illy. She was telling me about how much she liked it, so I thought I'd give it a go. One difference between Illy and I though, is that she doesn't wear face make-up and I do when I'm not too lazy to put it on. So I wondered if that would make any difference with the honey wash regimen.
I did a little bit of research and found some good information before I got started. Two great places I found info were Crunchy Betty  (GREAT tutorials on the Crunchy Betty site!) and Benefits of Honey.
It's been great! Since I've been using the honey, I haven't had to use a facial moisturizer at all! The honey is a cleansing/antibacterial agent AND it has moisturizing properties, so you get the best of both worlds all in one jar. And you really can't beat the price! Awesome, right?
So twice a day (morning and night) I use the honey to wash my face. In the mornings, I just use the honey. In the evenings, if I wore make-up that day, I sprinkle some baking soda into the honey before putting it on my face. Apply the honey liberally and just spread it all over your face. (You are going to want a headband or tight ponytail, because you seriously do not want the honey in your hair.) You can rinse the honey right away, or let it sit awhile. It's great for your skin, so let it sit if you have the time. Then you're done!
If you had face make-up on, and used the baking soda in your honey wash, you will then need to use some Apple Cider Vinegar to restore the PH levels on your skin. The baking soda is a great cleanser, but can be drying. Apple Cider Vinegar is pretty potent stuff, so I like to take a cotton ball, moisten it with water, and then add 2-3 drops of the vinegar to the wet cotton ball.

Have you ever been washing your face and then some of the icky soap gets into your mouth? Ewww! Well, if you wash your face with honey, it totally doesn't matter if some gets into your mouth! And, it smells super~dee~duper yummy.

 Once I'm done, my face feels so nice and clean. While I can't claim that washing with honey is a magic cure for all skin problems, I can say that my skin is softer, and when I do get breakouts (usually during THAT time of the month), they aren't as severe and they clear up more quickly than before. That's enough to make me happy!

I love the results, I love the price, and I love the product. Can't beat that! It's so nice knowing that what I'm putting on my face is all natural, and that I'll never have to stand in the aisle at the drug store again trying to decide which cleanser or moisturizer I'm going to purchase.

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