Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Quick Recap on March

My vow to only spend what was necessary was completely thrown out the window. I am embarrassed to admit how much frivolous spending we did in March. Oy Vey!
Can I have a do-over?????
Or at least... a try again? Ok, let's try again in April! Yay, go us! We can do it!!! (Right?!??!)
So, three days into April... I've spent about $10 at the thrift store. Spent $17 on lunch with my big boy yesterday, and $100 yesterday at Target. The Target trip was pricey, but completed all Easter baskets and got a new T-shirt and undies for The Hubs as well as a new pair of jeans and a new pack of undies for my boy that's growing like a weed.
I'd like to say that from here on out the spending will stop for the month, but I know that wont be true, unfortunately. There is a baseball team pizza party on Friday night. "Easter" at our house on Saturday, and then a trip to watch our Angels play on Sunday which will undoubtedly include concessions, souvenirs for the kids, and a meal at a restaurant after the game. Craptastic.
The following weekend promises to be just as expensive.
I'll just do my best to keep as many meals as possible at home, and be very conscientious when making purchases.