Monday, April 9, 2012

Project: Computer Room (Progress Report)

Not too long ago, I wrote about taking on my computer room as a project. My goal is to make it a fun, enjoyable space to be, for myself and my children. Inspired partly by playrooms and preschools, it has been a fun project for me. I have been working on this project "on the cheap" trying to repurpose/refinish/thrift as much as possible. So far, so good!
While I'm not going to show all that I've completed since my first post about it, I do want to share one of the fun creations that was done just in time for the Easter celebrations of the weekend. All of the kiddos that were visiting my house seemed to enjoy this project, that was super cheap and easy!!
Boring, Unused and Unloved End Table. BEFORE.

Starting the Project

AFTER! Colorful Chalkboard Table

So Fun

Happy Easter!!!

I'm really pleased with the way this project came out. The table is a bit taller than I'd like it to be, so The Hubs is going to cut 2-3 inches off of the legs for me. After that, I think it's going to be perfect!