Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Project: Computer Room

There's a room in my home that used to be a breezeway between the house and the garage. Some previous owners had closed it in and made it a big room. This room would be ideal for a family room, game room, or play room. However, since the rest of the house is 3 bedrooms, and each of the kids wanted their own room, we decided that our big boy could have that room. The concerns were 1) a child his age does not need that much space. 2) It is the connecting room to the backyard and the garage.
To remedy these concerns, we made a makeshift room partition using wood and a flat bed sheet. In lieu of a door, I hung a curtain for him. That way he has some privacy, and we don't have to see his dirty room every time we walk by.
Privacy Curtain (Complete with "No Girls Allowed" sign)

Makeshift Wall

 It has worked out quite nicely. Now he has a space of his own, and the remainder of the room (where people pass through to get to the backyard or garage) is being used as a computer room.
This computer room was really neglected since we moved here last June. The walls were white, the blinds were white. I had no decorative accents pieces in the room. I didn't even have anything hanging on the walls. It pretty much consisted of my desk, PC, printer, fax machine, and a big Rubbermade box with documents inside. Oh, and whatever mess the kids or dogs would drag in.  *sigh*
Finally, about a month ago, I got inspired. After having spent (too much) time on Pinterest, reading too many fun blogs, and watching too much DIY Network, I decided that this room needed some love. But on a budget!!
The wheels in my head were turning.
The rest of my home is decorated in a pretty neutral pallet. Earthy tones, nothing really vibrant. I decided that this room would be the exception. I am serving on the executive board of the preschool where my son goes. I spend enough time there to realize that the bright colors of a preschool are enough to make anyone want to smile! My inspiration for my project is a mix of fabulous ideas I've seen on Pinterest, and the fun, colorful tones of a preschool.
To start, I decided to refinish two pieces (maybe a 3rd as well) of furniture that we already owned, but weren't really using anywhere else. An accent table, and a wood storage bench. While this project hasn't been completed yet, I have all the supplies. I went to Ace Hardware on a day when they were offering a FREE quart of Clark + Kensington paint + primer in one, choose my color, bought a pack of sandpaper ($4.49), and a can of chalkboard paint ($11.99). These pieces of furniture are currently sitting in the computer room, waiting to be re-purposed.
Accent Table

Storage Bench
Next on my agenda of ideas was my big, white, empty wall. I made myself a wall hanging layout and set to work on refinishing frames I already owned, or whipping some up that I grabbed at Michael's for $1 each. I did buy a few bottles of craft paint and a few sheets of scrapbook paper.
So far, here is what I have on the wall. I love it, but there's still more that I'm planning to do with.

I ordered a cute and colorful rug from Walmart ($34.01 including tax & shipping) that should be here in a week or less.

That is my work in progress for now. I still have plenty of ideas for it, so stay tuned with me as I give my computer room a little TLC on a dime!