Tuesday, March 20, 2012

100 Not So Glamorous Posts... 100 Things About Me

I haven't yet put up my Menu Monday because I was holding out for this post. This will mark my 100th blog on My Not So Glamorous Life. And 100 is always worth acknowledging, isn't it? So, in honor of my 100 Not So Glamorous Posts, I will list 100 Things About Me (which will probably be hard to come up with, and which most people don't care anyways. Just humor me!)

 1. I have 2 handsome sons, and one beautiful daughter.

2. I have never gotten a  traffic or parking ticket (knock on wood)

3. I have a really hard time staying mad.

4. I drink wine. But mostly on White Zinfandel. And I love it.

5. I Drink beer too.

6. I have NEVER had a cigarette

7. I have NEVER tried any type of drug

8. *Things* I want are a great fitting pair of jeans, and lots of pretty shoes and handbags. And a good new digital camera.

9. I am useless without my morning coffee.

10. I love Yucaipa, my small hometown.

11. I am very busy. But if I had less on my plate, I'd just fill it up with other things.

12. I pretend that I am crafty, and really wish that I was.

13. I love to bake cookies

14. I have glasses, but I usually don't wear them

15. I'm an ordained minister. So far, I've performed 2 marriages

16. I am the mother of a special needs child

17. I have PCOS

18. I did fertility treatments to get pregnant with my first son

19. I love a clean house. But I hate cleaning my house.

20. There is no place I'd rather be than Disneyland.

21. I am addicted to the computer. It's on almost all day, even when I'm not on it.

22. My favorite number is 22.

23. I've been out of high school for 12 years. I haven't been to college in 10 years. But I still haven't given up on actually finishing college one day.

24. I have had my heart broken, once.

25. I love to read

26. I love pink. I love purple.

27. My husband is my high school sweetheart. Even though we didn't go to school together.

28. I drink a ton of diet soda.

29. I struggle with my weight. I love food. LOVE it. I have the appetite of a man, but not the metabolism.

30. Summer is my favorite time of year.

31. I don't like talking on the phone. I'd so much rather text. It's hard to talk when you have 3 kids yelling in the background and you're trying to do dishes.

32. I don't have an in person best girlfriend, and that makes me sad.  The best girlfriend I have lives many states away from me, and I've only met her in person once. But I can tell her just about anything.

33. If my house is a mess, I probably wont let you in.

34. Since starting this post, I've gotten up 4 times already.

35. I have two sisters, they are both younger than me.

36. My favorite flowers are daisy's.

37. I have two tattoos, and plan on getting one more still.

38. My favorite movies are Forrest Gump, Hope Floats, and Old School.

39. In high school, I lettered in Academics. Twice.

40. My favorite author is Richard Paul Evans.

41. I believe in ghosts.

42. I love baseball.

43. My parents are still married. 30+ years now.

44. Even though I've lived in So. California my whole life, I refer to soda as "Pop", which is a mid-west (??) reference. I must get it from my dad, who grew up in Michigan.

45. I always wanted a Dachshund, and now I have one. And I love him more than I thought I would!

46. I still want one more baby.

47. I firmly believe that the toilet paper needs to roll off the top (over, not under!)

48. I don't swear very often

49. I love romance movies.

50. I cry over the Hallmark commercials that come on during the holidays.

51. My favorite show ever was The Wonder Years.

52. I could seriously eat a whole pan of brownies by myself.

53. I do not enjoy visiting "the city"

54. I love driving by myself.

55. I love shopping at Target.

56. I am flirtatious. I LOVE being able to charm somebody.

57. I don’t always feel like a grown-up... and often it feels so surreal to be running a household and being the mother of 3. WHEN did this all happen?

58. I still make wishes on stars, in wells and when I blow out my birthday candles.

59. I don't always remember to pray, but it helps me fall asleep.

60. I'm a fan of "organized chaos"

61. I can't shuffle cards

62. I joined a bunco group this year and I have found it to be great fun.

63. I am 5'2" tall. More than a foot shorter than my husband

64. I despise it when people leave out grammar and punctuation on Facebook, or in text messages.

65. I love planning and hosting parties/events.

66. I love hot wings and beer. And fried pickles. So I love to eat at Hooters.

67. My favorite Disney Princess is Snow White.

68. I am always compelled to acknowledge The Solstice's and Equinox's. (HAPPY 1st Day of Spring!!!)

69. I love "space" things. Meteor showers, shuttle launches/landings, planet alignments, etc.

70. When I was 10, I went to Space Camp. It was awesome. I wish I could go again.

71.  The ONLY time I will ever wish for snow is on Christmas day. Otherwise, I can't stand it.

72. I hate rain.

73. Lunch is my least favorite meal.

74. Even though Summer is my favorite season, I don't really like swimming.

75. I'm a sucker for charitable causes. So I really have to prioritize them.

76. I'm not a picky eater. But no mushrooms or pears for me!

77. I have never ridden a horse.

78. One of my favorite foods is hot dogs. And yes, I know what's in them. I still don't care.

79. I sleep with socks on.

80. Harry Potter is my favorite book series. Ever.

81. I'm finding it hard to come up with 100 things.

82. I am a homemaker. But I don't consider it permanent.

83. I want to major in Early Childhood Development when I go back to school. But I never, ever want to become a teacher.

84. I am a very passionate person. In romance, in life, when I believe in something.

85. I'm a realist. Not always optimistic, but not always pessimistic. I just like to be real about things. No sugar coating.

86. I have sensitive hearing. I feel like the TV's are ALWAYS too loud.

87. I have a hard time asking for help when I need it. It makes me feel like I've failed. But I'm getting better at this.

88. I am sort of old fashioned. I think that if a woman can stay home, it's ideal. I cook dinner every night and wake up to make my husband a lunch for work every morning.

89. I wish I had a green thumb.

90. I don't eat a lot of beef. Truth be told, if it weren't for my husband and kids, I'd probably be 90% vegetarian.

91. I wish I had more dresses. I like them better than jeans.

92. I'm stubborn.

93. I love getting dressed up. I wish I knew more people getting married.

94. I have so much fun cooking with my husband.

95. I'm a bit of a control freak.

96. I like to pour M&M's in my popcorn.

97. I prefer my water without ice, and not much colder than room temperature.

98. I brush my teeth in the shower.

99. I love to laugh. But I don't really like my laugh.

100. I love my car, even though I was afraid I wouldn't love a car after having an SUV.