Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our Little Fairy Garden

In the last week or two, I've been noticing lots and lots of Fairy Gardens popping up on Pinterest. I happen to love things of magic and wonderment. After viewing a few of these Fairy Gardens, I thought it would be a lovely activity for my kiddos and I to spend some time on. (The kids are on Spring Break right now, and bored, so putting something new into the mix sounded very enticing!)
So we invited my mom along and headed down to Lowe's. Picked up some supplies and got started on our Fairy Garden. I planted a few flowers and a succulent. There are some Forget Me Not seeds planted there too, so hopefully that will pop up soon. I'd also like to add some Thyme. We made a little twinkly stone path, and scattered some Fairy Dust (glitter). I'd like to add to it and make it more elaborate. Eventually give the Fairies a real house and not just a twig and moss hut. Also a little arbor and a bench. But for now, I think it's lovely and enchanting! I'm sure I had more fun with it then my kiddos did.