Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Routine Disruption

Ask almost any housewife/stay at home mom and they will tell you that routine is a critical part of their 'job'. Many SAHM's that I know (myself included!) actually love Monday's instead of despise them, because they can return to their normal routine after the weekend.

On the weekends, my Big is home from school, and the Hubs is home from work. The Big I can handle, since he's only in 1/2 day kindergarten anyways. Not a huge change in routine having him home. But the Hubs... well, he's kind of an intruder. This sounds terrible, I know. But when he is home, it's like I'm working double time. So instead of a nice, relaxing (predictable) day, I feel the need to 'entertain' him. Or wait on him. Or babysit him. And he takes over the couch, and the kids don't get to wake up to their shows. BUT it's only for the 2 days of the weekend, so we make it work.
Last Monday, I realized that there was a 3 day weekend just around the corner. No biggie right? This only happens a few times a year. I'm sure we'll survive. Plus, we'll be busy with many festivities.

Tuesday evening, I am informed by the Hubs, that his direct supervisor is taking Thursday and Friday off. And also, that he will be going to work on another Foreman’s job because his site can't have anything done until after the holiday weekend anyways. Ok, I say. Then he goes on to tell me "but maybe I'll just tell them not to put me on so&so's job site and that I'll just take Thursday and Friday off too". So, in the midst of my dinner cooking- I freeze. Wait... did he just say what I think I said? Take THURSDAY AND FRIDAY off, in addition to the 3 day weekend. FIVE DAYS?!?!?!?! No... He couldn't have said that. I add the pasta to the water. "Ok", I say "So, like, you're gonna take a little mini-vacation? 5 days off?". “Yeah," says Hubs "That way since 'Supervisor' is gone, I don't have to float around until he gets back". I reply, "Oh... OK. So, do you have an agenda? (BESIDES driving me crazy while you're home?)" "No, just relax." says the Hubs.

Oh. My. God. Nooooooooooooo!!!!!! WHY is he doing this to me?!?!?! (These are my thoughts as I stir the pasta).

And the thoughts of this (awful?) wife were not unfounded. He drove me nuts. He did nothing but mess up the routine of me and the boys. Don't get me wrong. I truly do adore my husband. I do! But geeeezzzzz..... That was rough!

It was totally like having a guest around to entertain. I had an extra breakfast and lunch to cook... AND he panics if I leave for more than 30 minutes at a time. I have my typical errands to run and such, which he has no concept of. YES! Being a housewife/SAHM is a JOB. I have A LOT to do every single day. In addition, I've recently gone into (kind of) business on my own, and have been trying to commit some time to that, which didn't get done. So, the house cleaning didn't get its usual attention. The bill paying got put off. The grocery shopping got neglected. I didn't get to put down any of the big ideas I've had for my blog (because even if I go into the back of the house to use the PC, he comes in looking for me, like a lost puppy and starts poking around). The kids were all thrown off... *sigh* And all of this is happening by Thursday. YIKES!

I had been looking on the bright side. His mother usually takes the boys on Friday afternoons for a few hours. YAY! We'll have an afternoon date. Something to look forward to, and get us out of the house :)

Nope. Wishful thinking. She got sick. On THAT Friday. Uggghhhhh! No afternoon date :(

So, we survived. But I will say, I'm exhausted. 5 days of disruption to my routine... it wore me out. And luckily, our weekend was packed with activities (4 BBQ's in the course of the 3 days!) so that helped minimize shock of the disruption. Had those 3 days been like the first two, I may have lost it.

So here's to the return of my routine today... Hip-Hip-HOORAY!!!

Have a beautiful week, and thank you for listening to me rant!