Friday, May 14, 2010

Spring Cleaning, Nesting, or just Ants in my Pants?

All week long I have been planning to write a blog about how much I despise housework, and how I'm actually a pretty lousy housekeeper (if you know me in real life, act like you never read that!). And then I had a flare up with this neck/shoulder issue of mine, and the blog got pushed to the backburner...

And then, yesterday, when I started to feel like my recovery status was up to about 85%, I started cleaning. I was trying not to over-exert myself... But I started to pick up the living room, do dishes, wipe counters... AND... the dreaded laundry. I think I did 6 loads (even folded and put away!!) yesterday and I'm still going strong! Aaaaaahhhhh! I kept cleaning until the minute I went to bed! So out of character for me.

So, did I get an urge to Spring Clean. Could it be 'nesting'? Seems a little early for that... Or maybe I just got Ants in my Pants while I was laid up with my ouchie all week? I don't know; but at least my house is clean!