Friday, June 4, 2010

Fun Friday!! (WHERE has the fun been?)

TWO Friday's in a row I missed my Fun Friday post :( Why? Well, two weeks ago, I was GROUCHY! Believe me, I had nothing fun to post that day.
Last Friday, my dear Hubs was home... and he pretty much has the ability to throw a wrench into my routine.

Sooooo... here I am, two weeks later. But it's FRIDAY, so let's do something fun!!

SUMMERTIME!!!! Summertime is FUN! And according to the school calendar, it's only one more week away! I am sooo excited that we'll have a few weeks of peace and quiet around here before the new little one arrives! Some nice lazy mornings, with no agenda, and nowhere to be at any particular time. Aaaahhhh, bliss. I guess that's as close to maternity leave as I'm going to get, LOL!

So, I'm ready to hit the beach, and stick my toes in the warm sand. (Be forewarned world... I am 8 months pregnant, and am very likely going to wear a bikini top. I apologize in advance, but my body craves the sun. However, I will at least have the decency to cover up my cellulite ridden butt and thighs with a nice coverup/skirt.)

Or, break out the Slip~N~Slide!! (Too bad mommy can't get in on the fun this year, last year I had a blast doing this with my boys!)

What is YOUR favorite Summertime activity?