Friday, June 4, 2010

Beyond thrilled with results!! Maternity Shoot/Boy pics

Ok... I'm a little bit of a picture fiend. I love to take them, I love to be in them, and I love to look at them!

In my first pregnancy, I got only a few pictures of myself (which is a shame, because perhaps if I'd have seen how GIGANTIC I was getting I may have taken control of my weight gain, LOL!).

In my second pregnancy, I made it a point to track my belly's growing progress by taking lots of photos, and even going to the portrait studio, along with my first born, to have a little maternity shoot done. I liked the pictures, but I've seen much better.

So, this time around, I wanted to do photos again, but something more 'natural'. After all, what's more natural than a pregnant woman? I had a photographer in mind... but just wasn't sure. Then, a good friend of mine had some photos up on her Facebook page and I just adored them! I asked her about them, and it turned out that she was friends with a very talented photographer. I contacted the photographer at Photo's by Rebecca Staley and we discussed some ideas regarding what I wanted. Rebecca was amazingly flexible with her time and her willingness to travel. Together we decided on a location, and brainstormed some ideas.

The results were phenomenal! I am very impressed with the shots she got of both me (and my enormous belly) and my two boys. She was absolutely PERFECT with my kiddos... in fact, she's the ONLY photographer who has EVER gotten my little one to smile for a photo, let alone take his thumb out of his mouth. I'm so excited to share some of my favorite photos here on my blog! (below, find only a few of my favorite pics from that day!)

Rebecca Staley has gained a lifelong customer in me, and I can't wait to have her do my newborn baby girl's pictures in the near future!
(Please note that this blog post IS NOT being endorsed by Photo's by Rebecca Staley, or the photographer herself. I am simply raving about a service that had me blown away!)