Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bored Housewife Syndrome

I love my job.
I really, really love being a housewife and a stay at home mom. However, I also have an independent streak the size of Texas. (Which means that no matter how many people offer to stay with the kids while I catch a nap, help me clean my house, or cook a meal after the baby is born, I will say no. Because I am SuperWoman and I can do it all.)
I get bored pretty easily with the same old, same old, every day. While I thrive on routine, I also tend to get very weary of it.
I know that many housewives go through similar trials and tribulations. It's not uncommon to feel as if you've given up a part of yourself, your identity, for your husband and kids. Sometimes I feel this way and it jolts me down to my very core. I want to know... what happened to Jenn? WHERE is she? Is she still in there, somewhere? Or has it really just come down to "Mommy", "Wife" and "Homemaker".
So what do I do to remedy this problem that I occasionally encounter? Well, I joke that I start selling things, and making babies. And in truth, that's not really a joke. I'm pregnant with my third miracle right now. And I just recently became a demonstrator for Gold Canyon (which I am LOVING!!). The baby will throw me a curve ball for a while (and steal away another little part of me), but the Gold Canyon lets me do something that's just me... and that's what I need.

I think doing something for yourself is a vital part to being a happy housewife. How do you remedy 'Bored Housewife Syndrome'? What do you do that's just for you?  Work from home? A hobby? A class you take? A group you belong to? Book club? Girls night out?

(And... in retrospect, although it sometimes feels like my family is stealing bits and pieces of my identity, but really, they just added to it.)