Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Baby Girls Room and Personalized Name Blocks

So, despite the fact that we are probably moving within 2 months or less of this new baby girl's arrival, my nesting instinct took over, and I put together her nursery. I didn't go overboard because I knew that it would probably never be utilized, but I still just wanted to have a visual of all her cute girl stuff. Remember, this girly baby business is a whole new world for me!
I made due with the tiny space I had for her things, and this is what I put together:

note the lack of a real closet...  :(

I like the room, there's a few more things I would've loved to do with it, but I'll restrain myself until after we move. In any case... Do you see those blocks there on the windowsill? They are one of my absolute favorite things about this room. I just love personalized items, and these just couldn't be passed up!!

These GORGEOUS blocks came from one of my new favorite stores on Etsy.com The store is called Sweet Olivia Designs and her stuff is just to die for! She's got gorgeous, customized (handmade) wood blocks with letters, as well as picture frames, and hanging name blocks. The customer service in this shop was amazing. Leslie at Sweet Olivia was so accommodating and even honored my request to really customize.

Leslie over at Sweet Olivia Designs had these made right away and they were shipped the very next day! I was trying to get them before a certain date, and she totally surpassed my expectations on the speed of delivery. They got to me a few days before I needed them, and I couldn't have been happier. BUT, there's more! As if it's not fun enough to get a package in the mail... opening her package was like CHRISTMAS!!!! My blocks were packaged very securely, and wrapped in tissue paper, and tied off with a lovely raffia bow. Once I opened the tissue, I found that inside of that, each individual block was also wrapped up like a little present, tissue paper and raffia bows on each block! It was so pretty, and so much fun opening each individual little gift! It seriously made my day!! There was also a lovely Thank You card in there as well. What a wonderfully customer oriented shop Leslie runs! These days, it seems like that can be few and far between. So not only did I end up with a beautiful, quality handmade product, but it was fun and enjoyable to shop for them. And the pricing was so reasonable too!
Now I just can't wait for the next baby shower... because these are going to be my new 'go-to' gift for showers!!

(My glowing review of this product was not endorsed by Sweet Olivia Designs. I just wanted to share with everyone how much I love them! In fact, she doesn't even know yet that I wrote this, haha!)