Saturday, June 19, 2010

My glasses.

Most people don't even know that I wear glasses. Well, that's because I'm far sighted, so I don't wear them out in public too often... the only thing I'd need them for is reading menu's, and I usually get by without them :)
My Dr. laughs at me because I'm only twenty-seven in my twenties and I'm far sighted... which isn't something he sees in most people until at least their late 30's. Gee, thanks Doc!
Actually, I don't even have a recent picture of me in my glasses. But here's the thing: I actually really like them. Yes, they're cute, but I don't think that's why. I think I have it figured it out. Since I'm a SAHM, I obviously don't need to wear them all day while I'm sitting at a desk job. SOOOOOO, if I AM wearing my glasses, that usually means I'm doing something I enjoy (like sitting here right now blogging, LOL!). I wear them when I'm sitting down long enough to watch TV, read a book, play on the computer.... I think the only thing I don't like wearing them for is paying bills. But even then at least I come away from it (usually) feeling like I got something done.
So that's that... I like wearing my glasses because it means I'm relaxing. Yay for glasses time!!!