Thursday, June 12, 2014

My Happy Place: The First Day of Summer Vacation

Peaceful. Easy. Relaxed.
Those are some ways to describe my feelings this morning, as I quietly sit, sipping my coffee, without having to get little people ready and rushed out the door. It's different than a weekend. More special somehow.
I revel in the knowledge that today is the first day of Summer Vacation. 
Little Man is in the other room, quietly occupying himself. Little Lady ate her daily banana and is playing on the floor, while Little Boy is taking advantage of sleeping in late.
And I'm just quietly sipping my coffee. Enjoying it. Delighting in the fact that I have time to sit and enjoy it.
For two blissful months, there will be no rushing out the door. There will be no homework to do, spelling tests to study for, projects to work on, or due dates to remember. There will be no assemblies to attend, no snacks or lunches to pack, and far less laundry to tend to.
Everyone says "by the end of summer, you'll be ready to send them back to school!". But no, not me. I love having my children home. I cherish it. (That's not to say there aren't times when they don't drive me completely bonkers. But that's mommyhood. Summer Vacation, or not.) I can't get enough morning or evening snuggles. Not enough jammie days. Not enough planning adventures with them. I drink in every moment.
I have these 3 little rays of sunshine, and they're all mine for the next 2 months, and I'm all theirs!

This is my happy place, and 2 months isn't nearly enough.