Thursday, December 26, 2013

Adding on, or Starting Fresh?

I haven't posted anything on this blog since August.
Aside from this blog post, I only posted 24 times in 2013. I totally fizzled out on this blog... several reasons why I suppose, some of them I know and discussing it doesn't matter, and other reasons are more of a "life happens" kind of thing. Busy schedule, with less time on the computer, and some personal changing and evolving within myself. Which is a good thing!
However, every now and again I think back to this blog and contemplate leaving it up and ignoring it/doing nothing, or picking it up again, or totally deleting it.
Giving it some thought, I don't think I'll delete it. This is MY space, and I will just let it grow and evolve with me in whatever path I'm on. That makes me happy.