Friday, January 4, 2013

Now THAT'S my kind of manicure!!

Yesterday I shared with you that I received a Holiday VoxBox from Inluenster. One of the items in the box that I was most excited to try was the Kiss Nail Dress nail adhesives.

I've seen these before an have wanted to try them, but was wary about it. So I was thrilled to have the opportunity to "try before I buy".
I love having my nails look nice, but being a busy mom and a homemaker that has to do her own housework, it's hard to find time for a manicure, and even more challenging to keep them looking good.
I was pleased with the design that I recieved, because it was a great color/design for this time of year. My VoxBox arrived on New Years Eve, and this design definetely had a New Year sparkle to it!
The package displays the very simple 3-step instructions.
Inside the package, was a phamplet sharing some of the other designs available. What a variety! Also, there are plenty of sizes included, which makes it simple to find the right size for your own needs. You can even use them on your toenails!
I will say however, that the smell upon opening the package is pretty strong, and not pleasant.
Application of the Kiss Nail Dress adhesives was quick and easy. The only qualm I have in regards to application is that if you have a variety with jewels on it, and there is a jewel where you need to make the fold, it is very awkward. But do-able.
Once I was finished applying the Kiss Nail Dress, I was excited with my end result.

24 hours later, and they still look great! The package says that they can last up to 10 days. Honestly, with all of the dishes I do, and kiddos I wash, I doubt they'll make it 10 days. But if I can get 5-7 days out of them, I'll be a happy mama! (I will do an edit to the post in a few days stating how they've done!)
For what they would cost retail, I feel sure that I will in fact buy these again. I am very please with the results thus far!!
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