Monday, January 21, 2013

Lost Dog/Found Dog, A Winner, An Inauguration, & MLK Day.

Good morning friends! Oh my! I have so much to share this morning. So who's in the mood for a completely random blog post?
Ok, first of all, last Wednesday, my little dog bolted out of the house to go chase a cat.
He. Is. Fast. (There's a reason why we named him Flash.)
He ran around the yard for hours chasing stray cats and barking at them. I could never catch him. Then I didn't hear him barking anymore. He didn't come that night. To say I was concerned is an understatement. Unfortunately, the next morning my Little Lady had an orthopedic Dr. appt in Los Angeles and we had to leave very early in the morning to get there on time. I could not look for my dog, or really do anything.
I just kept hoping he'd be there waiting when we got home. He wasn't.
The next day I went to the animal shelter looking for him, talked to neighbors, made signs, called all the local shelters, posted on local Facebook pages, searched, and posted on Craigslist in hopes of finding him.
 The weekend passed. No dog. My heart was so sad.
Then, just this morning, The Hubs woke me up (at 4:45am) as he was leaving for work and says "I found Flash!".  A happy reunion!!!
The little stinker was under the hood of one of my husbands old cars. Literally laying on top of the engine. It's so hard to believe that he was there for 4 days and didn't bark for us or anything. What the heck? Maybe he went out roamed around for a while before coming home and climbing up there? So hard to believe, but I'm just so glad he's home! He was tired, hungry, thirsty, scared and stinky. But he's home safe now where he belongs. He's been snuggled on my lap all morning.
Next order of business: A Winner from The Banner Girls giveaway! And the winner is......
BeauandKatie Vegter. Congratulations!
Today is the 57th Presidential Inauguration. Who plans on watching? I will be!
And finally, today is Martin Luther King Jr. day. A day that we celebrate a man who helped shape and change this country. A man who is due a great deal of respect and admiration.
 Nellie Bellie asked on her Facebook page:
"How would you finish this?
I Have a Dream that _______________________"

Here was my response:
"I have a dream that" one day, in our lifetimes, all humans will be valued as equals. Regardless of race, creed, background, financial status, sexual orientation, or ability. I have a dream, that we can all live in a world where our differences and diversities are seen as a thing of beauty, and never looked upon with distaste. I have a dream that all persons will be valued and accepted."
How would YOU complete the sentence?
 Ok, that's all of the random ramblings I have for this morning. Have a great week my friends!
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