Thursday, December 20, 2012

December Kindness Challenge Link Up Week 3

Another week in December has passed, and my month has been full of kind acts. Some have come easily, and some I had to seek out. But all of them were worthy, meaningful, and from the heart. Thanks for joining me and Danette in the December Kindness Challenge.
While I'll admit to being disappointed in the lack of link ups and participation from others in the "blogging community", I am going to continue this in hopes that it's reaching somebody that needs to see kindness, or needs inspiration, or just needs something nice to read. 
Today I want to share this status someone posted on Facebook. This post is exactly what I yearned to see when I dreamed up the December Kindness Challenge. It touched my heart, I hope it will touch yours as well. 
 "I went to Panera for lunch today and as I was eating I couldn't help but feel my heart sink as I watched the homeless man in the corner with his cup of coffee. Getting in out of the cold spending what change he had to warm up. The line was almost out the door being a college town at lunch time. So I approached the manager and asked if he knew the man. He slightly rolled his eyes. "Oh yeah he's in here all the time, his name is Kent" his entire demeanor changed regarding the man when I told him I didn't have enough time to wait in line and asked if he'd be willing to fascilitate a gift card transaction for me for 50 bucks. He stumbled on his words to say yes sir.... As I approached the man in the corner I could see people starting to look at me. I simply walked up, said there's 50 dollars on here bud you get yourself something to eat. Before I could even finish he proclaims 50 dollars?!?! I just said yes sir patted him on the shoulder, said merry Christmas and went back about my business. Every eye in the room was on me.... Whispering amongst themselves.... See I've been that man. Out in the cold. Alone... not knowing where my next meal would come from while those around me had no understanding of the simple luxuries they enjoy. It takes more in this world than to want change. You have to be it.... Set the example for those around you. Don't hide your light under a busshel, let it shine bright for the world to see and be that change we long for...."
Now I would like to share my acts of kindness for the week. I don't share them "for the glory" of what I did, or for the recognition or the credit,  but to share with the world that kindness is still there, and is oh, so important. I would love to see what you did, in hopes that we can all inspire one another. Please share, and please keep kindness in your heart.

12/15~ Gave my grandma a packet of her favorite Dunkin' Donuts coffee in the Gingerbread Spice flavor.

12/16~ Made a "Sunday Breakfast" for The Hubs and kids even though I wanted to stay on the couch with my coffee. And when there weren't quite enough eggs left, I went without.

12/17~ Delivered a "dinner" to my neighbors so they wouldn't have to think about it that night.

12/18~ Gave an umbrella to a man walking down the street in the rain.

12/19~ Sent Christmas Cards to Dalton. During our Gingerbread Decorating Party, my family and I completed 7 for him.

12/20~ Sent goodie kits to each of the kids teachers. Bought flowers for the director of our preschool and for Little Lady's teacher, as they are extra good to us. Helped a friend out when she needed someone to watch her kiddos.
12/21~Shared some homemade peppermint bark cake pops with the neighbors across the street.

Now it's your turn! Tell me about your acts of kindness this week!

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