Friday, December 14, 2012

December Kindness Challenge Link Up #2

Welcome to the Week #2 wrap up post for the December Kindness Challenge! December Kindness Challenge is a great project being hosted by myself and the lovely Danette over at All My Love for All My Days. Here you can link up your post that shares your act of kindness, or simply post in the comments section to share what your kind acts for the week were. I really hope to see more responses this week.
This morning I read a story that is proof that one kind act, really can change a life:

"– sometimes I lose perspective, but … last December a law school friend, now a probation officer in Minneapolis, posted this: “So we have this tiny toy drive at work for people who maybe just got out of jail or treatment and didn't get into Toys for Tots because they don't have IDs or whatever. It's meager; we usually give 2 toys per child but we do literally serve hundreds of kids. Today a guy comes in to the office, a guy who is on felony probation no less, and says that two years ago our little toy drive is what was the beginning of his turning point. Because he was touched, he brought Target gift cards to the Toy Drive to "pay it forward."

2nd chances, lives changed, turn a bad day/week/month/year into hope. Easy peasy. Make it happen! Kind acts don't have to cost a dime, and can take very little time as well. 

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.  ~Mark Twain
Now I will share with you what my kind acts were for this week. I look forward to seeing what other kind acts happened over the last 7 days!

Sat 12/8~ I gave my mom a new dress "just because". I got a great price on it, and it was her size.
Sun 12/9~ I smiled at every stranger I made eye contact with. And, even though they were doing their best to get under my skin... I treated my kiddos to goodies at Disneyland.
Mon 12/10~ Purchased coffee & dessert for my mom, and even sent a treat home for dad too!
Tues 12/11~ (This one was fun!) I purchased a cookie for a complete stranger at Del Taco and delivered it to his table on my way out the door.
Wed 12/12~ I gave the 'right of way' to people and vehicles everywhere I went.
Thur 12/13~ I gave my sister a new dress for Dressember.
Fri 12/14~ Before going to my son's 3rd grade class to help, I picked up a peppermint mocha for his teacher. I like to bring her treats on Fridays. I hope she knows that she's appreciated.

So, how were you kind this week? Please share!!

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