Monday, October 1, 2012

Salted Chocolate Caramel Cake Pops (Balls?)

Good Morning. I wont even try to act chipper this Monday morning, so you don't have to either.
Monday came far too quickly this week (as always), but nonetheless, I hope that all of you had a delightful weekend.
On Friday I got a new oven. WhooHoo! My oven has been out of commission since July and that was not fun. Especially for someone who loves to cook and bake.
In any case, this weekend, I had to break it in a little bit. Last night for dinner, we had meatloaf. It's a family favorite around here.
On Saturday, The Hubs smoked a gigantic brisket. That was yummy. So while he was tending to the meat, I decided it was time for me to bake a dessert.
I've been wanting to try making cake pops for quite some time now, and if you remember last week, I mentioned how I'm loving Salted Caramel these days. One of those Salted Caramel items being the cake pops from Starbucks.

So it was only natural that I would want to try to make my own, right? I made my cake pops using the instructions that Little Miss Momma shared here, changing and tweaking a few steps along the way to better suit me. Plus, I didn't plan ahead for these, so I kinda did a quicky version. I had no drying place for them, so made them upside down, and I only had toothpicks, no lollipop sticks (they were more like cake balls than cake pops). For the chocolate coating I used CandiQuik. The flavor is great, but next time, I'll put it in a deeper dish, instead of the shallow pan. For the white chocolate, I used Toll House white chips, but next time, I'll use CandiQuik, as it's easier to melt and dries faster/nicer. For the caramel, I used Hershey's Caramel Topping, and I was happy with that. Then I sprinkled them with coarse sea salt.

They didn't turn out as gorgeous as many I've seen. And they surely weren't as perfect as the mass produced ones from Starbucks. But let me tell you, they were yummy! I also made some with no salt, because The Hubs can't deal with salty-sweet. I'm really anxious to make some when I have a bit more time available to put into them and have planned ahead better. I'm thinkin' pumpkin cake pops for a gathering later this month!
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