Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I Love Wednesday

It's Hump Day again!  My week has been too busy to be dragging by, so I'll be over this hump in no time! How about you? Has the first week of Fall been treating you alright?

I'm loving a lot of things this week, so I'll probably not share all of them. But here's some things I love right now.

Salted Caramel. This isn't new to this week, I've been kinda obsessed for a while now. Obviously I'm not the only one since it seems to be everywhere these days. But over the last week I did indulge in the new Salted Caramel treats from Starbucks. YUM. 
I especially love CHOCOLATE Salted Caramel. Because... what's not to love?

Those Salted Caramel cake pops may be one of the most fabulous treats to hit my mouth in a while. Fabulous. Have you had one yet? No?! Go Get One Now!!!

Ok, moving on here. Because this isn't actually a post about Starbucks Salted Caramel. I promise.

I stumbled upon this tree skirt from Done Over Decor on Pinterest, and I simply adore it. This MUST happen in my house this year. And what's even better? No sewing! Ha! Love it!

 Now, take a look at this Backyard Pantry and tell me you don't want one. I'm drooling over it. Brilliant!

And here is a genius idea for not only your teething baby, but I'm pretty sure the older kids would love it too!

I am loving our slightly cooler days. I wonder if they'll stick around for a while, or if we'll have another heat wave. The afternoons are still pretty hot, but the evenings and mornings are so nice! It feels a little bit like Fall. Which has me burning Fall candles, and I do love that! I'm getting more delivered today, and that makes me happy. I love my Gold Canyon!

I have children to get ready for school now, and appointments and housework and all of that {Not So} Glamorous stuff to do, so I had better end it there. But quickly, I just also want to share a bit of joy with you all. Today is "Gotcha Day" for a friend of mine who is very dear to my heart, and her family. Today, they will welcome a sweet baby girl into their home, and that little girl couldn't be blessed with a more wonderful family! CONGRATULATIONS to them!

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