Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Getting to know Whitney

Most of you are probably already familiar with Whitney from Sippy Cups and Pearls, but if you aren't, then you are missing out. She's great! And, she loves Doxie's, just like I do! Maybe our pups could have a play date sometime? Please take a moment to get to know Whitney and her family as she shares here with us today.
Thanks for sharing Whitney!

Hey {new} friends!
I love guest posting because I always make so many new bloggy buddies!
Thanks to Jennifer for having me :)
Today really isn't any super {cool} major post...
I simply wanted to introduce you to my {FAMILY}
We'll start with the head of the household:
The Mr.
I actually just took this picture so it's definitely the most recent.
His smile is contagious. I can't help but smile when I see him smile.
He leads our family like a godly husband should.
He takes on all financial responsibility so I can stay home and be the wife/mom I've been called to be.
He is always so happy and that makes me happy!
Josh is self-employed which is nice when it comes to hours but not so great when it comes to paying taxes. ha. Thankfully, God provides :)
He also plays the bass on the worship team at our church.
and when he married me, he also got my dad who introduced him to hunting, fishing, etc...
He likes Chevy trucks, fast camaro's, and drinks coffee on a daily basis.
He is...Josh Cramer.
Then there's me:
The Mrs.
I played fair and chose the most recent picture of myself too when in all {reality} I wanted to pick the best where I felt I looked prettiest. ha.
This is me.
I'm a stay at home wife and mommy and I absolutely love my job!
Yep, it's a job folks and I enjoy it.
Laundry. Playing. Dishes. Playing. Scrub toilets. Playing.
It's not always easy...
like the week Melody was getting in 4 teeth and had an infection and Josh needed to work late (that would be considered not easy).
I enjoy long walks on the beach and reading a good book
I enjoy blogging (obviously), and hanging out with friends (yes I have friends in the town I live in, not just online bloggy buddies.)
Put on a pot of coffee and fill up a room with my friends and I'm one.happy.camper.
and this is sweet Melody:
And this is her most recent pic!
Ohh just looking at this picture brings so much joy to my heart.
She is getting her cute little personality and constantly has Josh and I laughing!
A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with my friends Nate & Meg about how independent she has gotten...and Nate said something along the lines of "...and she is only getting more independent every day from here on out..."
Ohhhh great, just what a parent wants to hear...he'll understand that some day when he has a kiddo.
But it's true! She won't let mommy feed her anymore, she has to do it...
She doesn't need help climbing up on her swing set because she can do it...
She even tries to put on her own shoes...(she still needs mommy for that one...for now)
And this is Dudley and Pierce:
Dudley: brown
Pierce: black
these 2 love Melody!
They're always right at her door when she is crying.
If I would let them, they'd sleep with her.
Pierce and Dudley enjoy barking and eating...
And there ya have it!
That is the Cramer Family and we can't wait to meet you lovely bloggers!