Tuesday, September 18, 2012

In Which I Write About Time Management

Are you a fly by the seat of your pants kind of person? Or do you have your day planned down to the minute? Or maybe a little of both?
Daily routines can be hectic, especially if you have children, or maybe multiple jobs/obligations.
I honestly have to have my days pretty planned out, because of all that I have on my plate.
With three kids at three schools, Little Lady's appointments, sports, preschool board obligations, etc I'd be lost without a routine and a plan.
I've tried day planners, calendars, and smart phone apps. For me, what gets it all done is a regular old notebook, and my iPhone. These are my go-to tools for mapping out my days. I usually have both of them with me. 

My day (ideally) starts about 4:30am, and usually ends about 10pm. The photo above is an example of my typical Monday. Each day of my week is different, depending on what kid has what going on that day. That is why I have to have it written down. And that is why there are so many scribbles on my page. And that is why I'll re-draft this very schedule about ten times. Because I'm constantly making changes, but I still require the organization of having it on paper, the regular notebooks work best for me. When I need to re-do it, I just rip out the pages. Day planners didn't do that for me.
Do you use any tools to organize your days? Do you have a planner, a calendar, a notebook, sticky notes, your phone? Do you have different tools for different areas of your life, or do you mingle them all together?
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