Saturday, September 15, 2012

I Can't Take the Pressure!!!!!!!!

More than two weeks ago, the back-to-school germs got the best of my entire household. It was a monster of a cold. I stayed sick for an entire week! It was misery.
Now, for over a week, I've been feeling pretty much back to normal. Still a little bit of lingering stuff up in the head area. Nothing major. Physically I feel great.
Except... my ears.
I recovered from my cold, but the pressure/ache/clogging in my ears has never left. It's been more than two weeks now. I feel like my whole head is under water. My own voice and breathing is SO LOUD, yet my hearing of other stuff is muffled. 
I went to the Dr, and it turns out that there is fluid behind my eardrum but no infection, so I have to wait it out. She wrote me a prescription antihistamine/allergy med to hopefully reduce congestion & symptoms. 
I hope that this goes away soon. Blah.

I've tried chewing gum, sucking hard candy, yawning, drinking through a straw... Any suggestions? 
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