Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Craft Supplies + New Food= Fun Day

Oh, yesterday was a good day! I dropped The Boys off at my grandma's because I had to take Little Lady to her occupational therapy appointment. Grammy told me to "have fun" and I scowled, because more often than not, going to therapy is NOT FUN!!! She asked what was wrong, and I said "I just don't feel like going". But whatever, off we went.
I literally got to the corner of her street when my phone rang, and it was the therapy office, cancelling our appointment for the day. Ha! What luck! (Of course, we make the therapy up by working at home, but at least we can do it on our own terms).
I turned around and went back to Grammy's house. I told her what happened and we decided to go out. I needed a few items from JoAnn's, so off we went. We shopped for a while, The Boys begged her asked her nicely to buy them things (and she did) and I got the items that I needed. (With the exception of hot glue sticks, which I can't manage to remember to buy. Ever.)
After we were done shopping, Grammy suggested that we go to lunch. Of course, I love food, so I agreed. We crossed the street to Five Guys Burgers and Fries. The kids and I had never eaten there before (have you?), and of course the kids where whining that they didn't want to go there. But once we got in, they were pleasantly surprised, and it ended up being a fabulous lunch trip! They ate their food, behaved appropriately, and we all had fun.
The Boys favorite part was the serve your own peanuts. This was what saved us from a horrid experience.

Big Boy loved that they had a bacon burger, because he lives by the philosophy that everything is better with bacon. Little Boy loved the customizable soda machine. Little Lady loved that she was allowed to have a cheese sandwich (cheese is kept to a minimum in her diet.) I loved that the kids were eating and being well behaved.

It was pretty tasty food, the kids had fun, and it was a new experience. I would go there again, and I know the kids would be more than happy to. Plus, I got to do my craft shopping, so we all came out ahead.
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