Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Today: A Happy Heart

This morning, brings me a happy heart. Not that my heart is generally unhappy, but some days just feel more joyous than others, ya know? I've found this morning to bring me quite a bit of reflection that has left me with such an overwhelming feeling of contentment that I just can't help but write about it. I want to share my warm fuzzy feelings with you!
This month makes it a year, that we've lived in this house. I've never felt more at home in a house than I do here. I find myself thinking of the future here. I am eager to build memories in this home. It's not too big, and it's not too fancy, and it surely isn't new. But it's the just right place for us. It's got plenty of space for us to live and love. It's got character and warmth. I'm content to be here.
Today is the first day of Summer. This typically brings me great joy, as summer is my favorite season.
Today, we slept in until 9am. We were sleeping off the affects of a fun day at Disneyland.

Today, I enjoyed my coffee on the back porch, enjoying the sun, flowers, chirping birds and the wind gently moving through the trees.
Today, I watched with joy as my sweet Little Lady rolled around the house, exploring her surroundings with her new found mobility.
Today, The Boys each woke up happy. They snuggled their mama, and didn't bicker with one another. They were kind and loving, and helpful towards each other, and played happily with one another.

Today, is a wonderful day. Today will not be perfect, but it will be great. I'm going to embrace it!

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