Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mantle Mini-Makeover

Not too long ago I had gotten the idea to change up my mantle. I don't have a before pic of it, but it was truly nothing special. I had a large canvas photo of our family hanging above it, and then some framed 5x7's on the mantle.
So to mix things up a bit, I swapped the canvas photo to another location, and traded it with a piece of framed art. To offset the earthy tones that take over my living room, I purchased some bright and colorful candlestick holders at Ross for super inexpensive. Scattered some photos and a decorative embellishment, and then added a colored vase with fresh flowers. I'm happy with the outcome :)
As my guide, I used the helpful guide shown here. Eventually, I'd like to replace the existing piece of framed art with a larger one, but for now, this will do.
As it is, the cost of this Mini-Makeover was about $15.00. Not too shabby!

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