Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Entryway Mini-Makeover

Our entryway is by no means a grand area, however, it is the first thing you see upon walking into our home. For the first 6 months that we lived here, I had this bench sitting there, filling up the corner.

 When Christmas came I moved the bench to my bedroom, so that the Christmas tree could go in that corner. (It looked lovely there.). Since Christmas, I just never wanted to put the bench back in the entry area, so it's in the computer room, waiting to be given a facelift (that's where you see it here.)
But with the end of Christmas came a barren entryway corner. Bland and boring.
So I gave the entryway a mini-makeover (super inexpensively!), and I absolutely adore the way it turned out! It feels so homey and welcoming to me, but has the flexibility to be changed up for each season!

A friend of mine gave me the table, so that was a freebie (yay!). I got the candle as a reward from Gold Canyon so, another freebie, the bowl with twig balls is something I've had for years. The vase I've also had for years, and each week I purchase a small bouquet of fresh flowers from Fresh & Easy for only $3.99!
My favorite aspect of this set-up is the Family Rules canvas sign. I just love it!! And I paid only a few dollars for it (shipping cost) because I had some Kohl's Cash!! So all in all, the entryway mini-makeover cost me... less than $10.00. WhoooHooo!