Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Goals To Be A Better (and happier, less stressed) Housewife!

My attempt at tackling LARGE projects is a massive fail. I just don't have the self discipline, or, quite frankly, the desire. I just WILL NOT scour and scrub my entire house in one day. Ever.
Sooooooo... let's start small. I've never been a real "bedmaker". I usually just leave the covers messed up from the night before, and sort of tidy them up at bedtime. But starting today, and for at least the next week, I'm making it my goal to make the bed EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING.
Ok, sounds simple, right? I think I can do this!! I've heard people say that making their bed gets them off on the right foot each day, and they ultimately end up accomplishing more. Worth a shot, I'd say!!
At this moment, the sheets and pillowcases are in the wash and then I'll fall asleep tonight in a freshly made bed with freshly cleaned sheets. Sweet Dreams!