Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Marriage Matters: (Wednesday?!?!)

Ok, so first off, yes, I'm a blog slacker. I should have done this Monday, or even yesterday, but here it is... "Hump Day" and I am posting.
So, this week, Marriage Matters is about the art of compromise. As far as I'm concerned, it is one of, if not THE most important things you can master in a marriage/relationship. You have to have some give and take.
A few weeks ago The Hubs and I ran into a problem, because he apparently forgot how important it is to compromise. That, along with some other thoughtless actions, caused me to react in a manner that was probably a little dramatic, but certainly got my point across. Sometimes, I guess that's what it takes.
But, it's important not to let it get to that level. Both partners in a relationship need to make their needs/wants/desires known to the other. Only then, can compromise begin.
YOU, go to that sporting event that you have zero interest in. After all... he did go to the Nutcracker Ballet with you last Christmas, LOL! Neither of you have to totally be into the other's chosen activity, but go happily and find joy in being with your partner, doing something that they love.
Learning to compromise together, from the simplest things to the deepest, most important things, can strengthen the bond that you have with one another. And really, it's one of the best ways to keep the peace.
**An important thing to remember though. When you are compromising with your partner... don't let it become something that will cause you to resent them or be bitter. If it something you feel strongly about, it is crucial that you let your feelings be known. Don't lose yourself because you are so concerned with making others happy.

So, what are ways that you use the Art of Compromise in your marriage/relationship?