Friday, October 1, 2010

Fun Friday!! (weather permitting)

Happy Friday!!!!
(For those of you it matters to anyways. Just last week on Facebook, I posted how, as far as I'm concerned, the weekend is just like any other days. Messes to clean, kids to fuss after, appointments to keep. No rest for the weary. In fact, The Hubs is home... so it's actually that much more that I have to tend to... *sigh*)

But, I digress. Back to Fun Friday.
Sooooo, typically on Friday afternoons, my boys go to their grandmother's house (MIL). But she had them earlier this week while I took Little Lady to an appt. So now, I will have my Little Men on this Friday afternoon. I think that we may head up the road to Oak Glen. If they still have raspberries, I'd like to pick some, but I know it's kind of late for that. I may have dropped the ball on the raspberry picking this year :(

Last Years Berry Picking Adventure!

My Boys and Me with our Berries Last September
 If we are too late for raspberries though, then it will be time for apple picking! Either way, I know the Little Men would be just thrilled to go. Now, as long as the weather cooperates with us, and there are no more crazy wind/thunder/lightning storms, we'll be ok. But I'm sure as heck not driving up the mountain in questionable weather. So, we shall see what the day has in store for us...