Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Planning... or the lack thereof

I am a planner. My home may not always be the most organized, because I have two young children and a messy husband (who all make messes faster than I can clean them up). But despite that, I am organized.

So, here I am. Days and/or weeks away from a new baby's arrival. But I can't plan for anything, because I have no idea when she'll get here. Not sure if I'll be able to keep that nail appt. on Friday or that hair appt on the 16th. Plans for the Hubs's Bday? Don't ask me, I might be in the hospital.
OK, so yeah, I know... every parent to be goes through this (with the exception of scheduled deliveries).

BUT, we are also about to move. Yes, that's right... within days/weeks of the Little Lady's arrival, we will be moving. We found a place we LOVE and hopefully, today, we will find out for sure if we can get in there. (PLEASE say a prayer for us, or cross your fingers, or rub your Buddha's belly... whatever!) I just feel like my family and I would be a perfect match for this house... I will be very disappointed if it doesn't work out. I'm trying to be optimistic... but I have a feeling of dread. I know if that one doesn't work out, we will suck it up and keep looking. But, oh how I love that house.

So right now, I KNOW that I am about to have a baby. And I KNOW that I am about to move. But could I tell you the who/what/when/where for either of these events? NO! And it's got me at a level of anxiety higher than I think I've ever known... I need a drink. Or a sedative. But those will have to wait until some unknown date as well...

Oh Lord, I'm afraid I'm about to lose my mind.

Somebody give me something to plan. I need to plan a party or something for late August... just to keep me busy in the meantime. Ugh.