Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Husbands Birthday= Fail

My husbands birthday was on Saturday. I'm real big on birthdays... well, not just birthdays, any kind of reason to celebrate anything will get me going :)
But this year, I guess I kind of dropped the ball. He wasn't expecting birthday gifts (because we are budgeting for our move at the end of this month AND the possibility of him taking days off when baby gets here), so never gave me any ideas of what he wanted. Then I took it upon myself to shop for him without asking what he wanted, and just kind of went to the store wingin' it. I got him some stuff he likes OK, but I could tell it wasn't what he would've picked for himself. And that sucks, because I typically pride myself on my gift giving abilities. Then, since the baby could've been coming (she didn't, and still hasn't), I didn't want to plan anything elaborate, so we just met up with his parents at our favorite pizza place for dinner, and went to the local ice cream shop for desert. But I could tell that was just a mediocre celebration for him as well. And I didn't even make him a cake (BAD wife!!!!). He's not a big cake eater, and a few days before that he said something that indicated to me that he didn't want a cake. But next time... I will be making a cake.

I feel really bad, because this birthday kind of had him down anyways (he's feeling old, LOL!) and then I didn't even take my usual measures to make it a good one for him. The icing on the cake I didn't make was, we were both in pretty foul moods that day, and totally took it out on one another.

I tried to make it up to him yesterday, by having a re-do birthday celebration. I made a super yummy dinner for the family, baked him a cake and decorated it with his favorite colors & bought his favorite ice cream to go with it.

But... I'm not so sure he cared. So, I guess... Operation Husband's Birthday= Massive Fail. Way to go Jenn...