Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Help Me Please!!! (and, something on my wish list now)

Okay, I need help. I like to play with pictures. Nothing fancy, but sometimes I would like to work with 'soft focus' or I like to go black & white, or enhance colors... For years I've been working with Microsoft Digital Image Pro 10. But I really feel like that's an outdated program at this point.
So, what do YOU use for your photo editing needs?
I guess I'm leaning towards Photoshop... but that's just mainly because that's the one I always hear about. But I want something that's user friendly, but still has ample features. I want to make my grass really green in pictures with really blue sky... how do y'all do that?
So, thanks in advance for any input!!!

Also, like I said, I like to play with pictures. I like to take them too. A lot. I'm not by any means a photographer. I have no training, and I don't pretend to be good at it. But I like doing it! And every now and again I even manage to get a pretty cool picture in there. And I totally hate the camera I have right now. It's so lame, but last year I wanted a new one and we were on a MASSIVE budget, so I got a cheap one, and now I regret not just holding out until later. *sigh* Recently I've been seeing the commercials air for the Olympus Pen. It looks like exactly what I would love to have. User friendly, tons of options... I'd probably never even come close to using this camera for the full capacity that it is intended, but here's the one I really, REALLY want:

 That's all for now, it will just remain on my wish list, because I sure can't afford it right now (although, I don't think it's a bad price at all). Maybe if I want it badly enough for long enough the Hubs will get me one for Christmas this year. He really likes to get me Christmas gifts, LOL!