Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm sorry... that is not the correct answer.

Why is it so impossible for men to give what is so obviously the right answer? Yes, yes, I do understand that they aren't mind readers. But honestly, a little common sense would do.
During this pregnancy I have been having MAJOR vanity issues. I'll admit, I'm a little vain. I do my hair and makeup every day and workout, because I've never wanted to be one of those wives that has 'let herself go'. Despite all the effort I put into my looks (both for myself, and my husbands benefit), he never seems to notice, or care. Anyways, the Hubs knows I've been having these issues. I feel big, I feel awkward. I feel completely unattractive and not sexy whatsoever. (He hasn't been helping with that, but that's a totally different blog, I suppose). 
So yesterday he wanted to go to a store we haven't been to in years, you know... for grown ups. It's actually a very 'classy' one, in the way of that type of store, and the front half of it is much more like Frederick's of Hollywood or something. I don't feel uncomfortable walking into the place at all. Instead of a bunch of pervy looking creeps in there, you typically see couples going in together.
In any case, feeling as unattractive as I have been, I said to him:
 "WHAT in that store could possibly make ME sexy right now?"
Here's what he should have said: "You are sexy right now."
And that would have totally changed the direction of where we were driving. It would have been enough for me to say "Ok, let's go"

Here's where he went wrong. What he actually said was: "I don't's still fun just to go in there."  

Is it just me? Or was that just a total lack of common sense? I'm not the kind of girl who constantly needs to be complimented. But I can't remember the last time he gave me a compliment on my looks. At all. And the closest thing to any type of compliment I've gotten from him in a very, very long time is "that was good, thanks" after dinner. Really? Nice...

Thank you for attending my pity party. I will try to have them as infrequently as possible. (Just needed to vent, I guess.)