Thursday, February 11, 2010

A new frontier...

Oh, wow... I'm having a baby GIRL. A what?!?! A GIRL. That's right.

Okay... now what do I do? Seriously. After two boys (who are the loves of my life), I have no idea what to do. I have two nieces, so I've occasionally had the opportunity to walk through the 'pink aisles' at the store. But... Oh. My Gosh... a GIRL?!?!? Yikes!

After having 2 boys, I really did not expect to here them say "It's a girl". My mother's intuition told me I was having another boy, and I felt 99% sure that I was right. I thought the hubs and I were incapable of making girls, LOL! And to be honest with you, that was OK with me. I love my boys, boys are easy, and by now I even 'get' them most of the time, even though I myself am a girly-girl.

Don't be mistaken... I am THRILLED at the prospect of having a daughter. I cannot wait to shop, and to decorate, and to dress her up and do her hair and have tea parties and go to ballet.

But... IT'S A GIRL! I am going into uncharted waters here... I have no map to guide me, and the fog is thick.

So, the adventure begins. In 13 years, ask me if boys or girls are easier. I'm sure we already know the answer to that question...