Monday, November 16, 2009

What the Flock?

Flamingos. Bright Pink Flamingos. A whole flock of them.

For years now, my sister and I have been talking about these flamingos. It started when we used to take morning walks together for exercise and chit chat. Right here on the street I live on is one immaculate yard. Perfect. No wayward weeds, no garden gnomes or wind chimes. Not a stray leaf drifting across the lawn, no oil-spots on the driveway. As unblemished as this yard was, it was also in dire need of some personality. My Sis and I would make all sorts of jokes about what we would do to the yard. We devised a 'plan' of sneaking into his yard in the dark of night and planting one single, lone, lawn Flamingo. It would be epic. Of course, this is not something that had any actual intentions of doing. But it was a fun little whimsy that we had together.

Soon thereafter, in our local town newspaper we read about Flocking. A local church in our town had started a fundraiser for their youth group to go off to camp and such. For a designated fee, the youth of this church would sneak out in the quiet night hours (with adult supervision), and 'flock' the appropriate yard of whomever you had chosen. My Sis and I would crack up at this fundraiser, and always said that we wanted to do a flocking on that one flawless yard. Over time, we'd see 'flockings' throughout our neighborhoods, and read about them in our newspaper.

September of 2009 rolled around and I had begun to think about what I would get my dear sister for her birthday (November 2nd). I always try to put a lot of thoughts into my gifts, and make them very well suited for my recipient. There isn't much that she 'needs' so I was trying to come up with something personal. Then it dawned on me... I would get her flocked!!!
In October, I did the appropriate research, and found the church here in town that does the 'flocking'. I downloaded the order form online and filled it out. I dropped off my order form and payment at the church office. I had ordered the largest flocking package they had to offer~ 20 birds! The ladies in the office assured me that it would be no problem to have the flock at her house on the morning of her birthday. I was very excited.

Monday, November 2nd rolls around. I drive by my sisters house that morning as I'm taking my son off to school. I was very disheartened to see that there were no flamingos in the yard, and it was already 8am. I called the church and left a message asking what had happened. After all the forethought I had put into this gift, I was near tears. They could do it on another day still, but it just wouldn't be the same for me and my sister.

Then, at about 10am that morning, my mom calls me. She is excited and breathless... there are women there flocking the yard!!!!! And the best part? My Sis had just left. What great timing! When she arrived back home, her birthday flock would be there to greet her!

I got over to the house as quickly as I could and awaited my sisters return. I wanted so badly to be there for her reaction! About 20 minutes later, she arrived home. As she pulled up to the yard, I could see her face, with the look of pure surprise on it! She came into the house and we all laughed and laughed as we recounted the story of the belated flocking. She tells me that it was the best birthday gift she's ever been given. I think it was one of the most amusing gifts I've ever given as well. The flock only stays at each home for a few days, so they've migrated back to the church now, but the memories of that experience will stay with us forever!