Wednesday, November 4, 2009

September, October...

I am going to finish playing catch-up now here on the old blog-a-roo...
So, in September, we went to the pumpkin patch. Otherwise, a fairly uneventful month. Big Boy began riding his bike with only 2 wheels, but still needs lots of practice.

In October, we went to the pumpkin patch again. A lot. And also to Oak Glen. We love going to the pumpkin patch every season, and this year was no exception. The boys and I went several times. A few times by ourselves, and once we even had a big picnic with my parents and my grandma. Oh what fun it was!! Then, towards the end of the month, Matty and I went all by ourselves :)  That day was so cold and blustery, the epitome of Fall. 
In the beginning of October, Little Boy and I took a trip up to Oak Glen with my Grandma. It was a fun morning.

Big Boy had his first class field trip, and I was very fortunate to get to attend as a chaperone. I was so excited! The field trip was to Los Rios Rancho in Oak Glen, and we had a great time tasting apples, meeting Johnny Appleseed and visiting the petting zoo!

Also in October, some friends,  invited us to go to the NASCAR races with them. It was a fun day with both of our families and all of the kiddos. It was the same week that Big Boy was "student of the week" for his class. So, of course, he brought along with us his class mascot, Monk.

With October, comes the playoff games for baseball. So of course, we went to an Angels game. We had no business spending the kind of money on this game that we did, but it was such a great opportunity, and we really wanted to go. So we did. Before we went to our seats, we were able to go down and watch the players warm up and have batting practice. It was so fun being that close to the field. And then, unexpectedly, Matt Palmer (Angels pitcher) walked right up and gave Big Boy a ball!!! I think The Hubs and I were more excited than Big Boy was!
 We had great seats, including 'in-seat service' which was all new to us. We liked that, LOL! The energy in the stadium is very different during a playoff game than it is during a regular season game... sort of like an electrical current. Sadly, our Angels lost that night 10-1. To say that was a disappointment would be an incredible understatement.

The day before Halloween we hosted our 2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving Party. IT WAS A BLAST!!!! We had so much fun eating a yummy fall meal of chili and cornbread, snacking on junk, and carving our pumpkins! Already can't wait for next years party!

And then, finally, Halloween!!!

October was such a fun month for us!