Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cleansing Week

I feel sluggish. Not slimy, like a slug. No... not slimy at all really. Rather, I'm feeling slow. And icky. Definitely icky.
I had a relatively good week last week in terms of diet & exercise. I felt energized and was somewhat happy with the choices I made regarding what went into my mouth. I worked out several times. Five, actually.
However, there are a few habits of mine that need to be dealt with. One being my obscene intake of caffeine. Coffee & soda (diet soda, at least) are really one of my vices. Another, is eating on the go. I need to take more time to plan my meals.
Within the past few months, I have gone back to work. Coincidentally, I have gained a few pounds since then. Tragically, I have gained these few pounds (about 4-6 lbs) WORKING AT A GYM. Yes, that's right. Ironic, isn't it?
It is my belief that these pounds haven't been gained due to my working. Or my lack of doing what people do where I work (which is exercising). I suspect it is due to my new found habit of eating late at night. I get off work anywhere from 8pm to 8:30pm on some nights. I get home, say hi to the family, change clothes, settle down a bit. Maybe put the family to bed. And then, I eat some late dinner. Not only is my dinner late on these nights... but it is simply mindless eating. I am not thinking about what goes into my mouth at these moments, but merely trying to fill the void that may quiet that annoying rumbling in my tummy.
So, this week I will be starting a "cleanse". It's going to be a week of well planned out meals and very low calories (but still within a 'safe' range for female weight loss). I'm fairly active, so as long as I continue working out as usual, I don't think that I'll be needing to adjust my fitness routine. For now, that is. The diet for the week consists of a lot of raw nuts (eeeewwww, I've never been much of a nut eater), hot lemon water, TONS of raw veggies, lots of fruit, and quite a bit of fish and other very lean proteins. I'll admit, I'm relatively curious about how this diet's going to go over. But I'm pretty determined to pick up my resolve from last week. I want to feel better, and not blah. I hate blah... it's not in my nature.
So~ this week, cleanse. Reduce caffeine, eliminate mindless eating. Continue working out. Stop feeling blah. I'll be trying to do semi-regular updates (mostly for my own knowledge, comparisons & motivation) throughout the week. Here goes nothing...