Monday, March 25, 2013

Long Lost Blogger

Hello Blogosphere! I'm here, for reals, it's really me.
Remember me? I used to post 3-6 times a week and then I sort went off the grid.
Here's what happened to me. (Sort of, but on a substantially smaller scale).
In any case, I can recall the moment that the magic started to fizzle out for me. And from there, it went fast. So I decided to step back over the holidays to enjoy time with my family. And then, for the most part, I didn't miss blogging. I did a little bit at first, but that didn't last long. It wasn't long before this little blog of mine was kind of just a memory.
Fast forward a few months, and I think I'm ready to ease back into it. But differently. I'm just going to go where my creative juices lead me. I wont be "trying" for anything aside from a personal creative outlet.