Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Teacher Gift: Crummy plant hanger into beautiful plant hanger!

It's the last week of school for my little preschool boy. He received his preschool diploma today. (sniff, sniff, tear, sob). He has school on Friday, but they wont be in class with their teachers, instead they will be participating in a school wide water play day. So really, today was his last day with his teacher.
My son and I were blessed to land in the class of an absolutely wonderful lady. She provided a nurturing, fun, educational environment, and I couldn't have been more happy to spend these last 10 months with her.
At our preschool, each of the classes has a bug/insect theme. We have the Roly Poly's, the Dragonflies, the Butterflies, etc.
My son was in the Dragonfly class.
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A few weeks ago I was out in the yard, and I looked at a plant hanger stand that's been there since we moved in. I never before realized that it had a dragonfly on it. I knew right then that it would be a perfect gift for Little Boy's teacher! The only thing was, it had been sitting out there in the yard for a long time. It was looking pretty crummy. So I thought to myself "Self, this isn't anything that a good coat or two of Rust-Oleum can't fix!". And so I went to the hardware store, picked up some Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch in Key Lime (it was on sale!!) and I set to work.

Picture quality isn't great, but here's my "before" pic. See how tall this thing is!?

Crummy, old looking metal.

Mid Paintjob

Flip it over and do the other side

It was SO HARD to get a good pic of this plant hanger!

Then I went down to our local nursery and picked up a hanging flower arrangement. So pretty! (And also on sale!!) I really love the way this project turned out. 

It's still only a small gesture in comparison to the love and nurturing that our lovely teacher provided during the school year, but I truly hope that she knows how much we admire and adore her!