Friday, June 29, 2012

Just for Fun Friday: A Letter to The Hubs on our Decade Anniversary

Today is mine and The Hubs 10 year wedding anniversary. So in honor of our decade of wedded bliss, I'm writing a letter to my other half, and sharing it with anyone who is so inclined to read it.
 Dear The Hubs, 
Wow. 10 years. I guess we're really "grown ups" now, huh? Because you must be if you've married that long, right? Even if we started off young. (Which we did). I feel so lucky; I know that we are in a minority. So many people who get married as young as we did, only last a short while. As they "grow up" they also grow apart. But not us. We've grown together. And I love that about us. That's not to say that it's always been an easy journey (it hasn't) or that we always see eye to eye (we don't), but it does mean that even on the occasions where we don't like one another very much, we still love each other. That's big, ya know? 
I remember when we got engaged, we said "divorce is not an option." I still feel that way. I know that you do too. This unity of ours is so much more than "just a piece of paper". I still want to be this half of a whole, no matter what. Good, bad, rich (ha!), poor, sick, healthy, stressed, happy. Because at the end of the day, you are my safe place.
I love the way we compliment one another. I bring you up, you bring me down. We get each other on an even keel. 
And just look at what we've created together! These 3 little lives that are an extension of our love. How I love mothering the children we've made together. How I love parenting with you, side by side.
When I look to the future, I see us, still together. I see us following the path that your grandparents laid out before us. I love that. I loved them, and what they had.  I want to be the one driving around with a personalized license plate that says "60 Years in Love"... because that is some serious bragging rights!
So today, 10 years into our married life, I want to say thank you. Thank you for being my best friend. Thank you for being the one that I laugh with, the one that I live for, the one that I love.
I am so excited for all of our years together.
I love you with my whole heart,


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