Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Today I'd like to share a few Thrifted finds that I have acquired over the last week. They haven't been "re-purposed" yet, but I see their potential, and have some idea's floating around in my head for them! Fun!

Ugly (brass??) Candlestick: I have not yet decided if I want to just paint this and make it a non-ugly candlestick holder and use it as decor. Or if I'd like to make it into a cake/dessert stand. Oh the possibilities!

Cupcake Stand. I think I'm going to paint this pink and showcase it at my daughter's cupcake themed 2nd birthday party in July.
 And finally, this fabulous vinyl tablecloth, that is the EXACT type of colors and pattern I wanted to use for something not involving tablecloths or tables at all...

And, on the note of being Thrifty... we had spaghetti for dinner last night. Since I make it meatless most of the time, it is one of the cheapest dinners I make. A cost breakdown on this dinner is about $ .83 per person (including garlic bread) with enough leftovers for lunch the next day! How awesome is that???? This cost didn't include the green salad, but I think that costs only a few cents to add into the mix.  Yay for cheap meals!