Wednesday, April 11, 2012

99¢ Store... A favorite of mine!

(I will preface this post by noting that I haven't received any goods or compensation for writing this post, and that I am simply sharing a budget minded opinion that I have formulated on my own.)

In my never ending quest to be a cheapskate Frugal, yet still get "good stuff" I have dubbed the 99¢ Only Stores as one of my favorite shopping destinations.

I am well aware of the stigma that dollar stores can carry, however, the people who can't get past that are just leaving more for me! And they don't know what they are missing out on!
Because 99¢ Only Stores is a fairly large chain (at least out here in California), I feel pretty comfortable that for the most part, I will get a decent product that I can feel okay about giving to my family. This is not some "hole in the wall" store where the product is maybe less reputable.
I strive to provide good snacks and lunches for my kids, and I happen to get a lot of healthy options for the children when I shop here. On a regular basis, I can purchase gourmet and/or specialty items from this store. I have gotten Organic juices and snacks, fresh produce, and many other fabulous finds. Even "name brand snobs" can get their share of goodies here. I am no name-brand snob, so I'm pretty happy getting a lot of my items at the 99¢ Only Store.
Not to mention the gift items and greeting cards! Sometimes I can even buy seeds for the garden, or potted plants. Score!
I found an article that was highlighting the possibilities of eating delicious food on a dollar store budget. Brilliant! And there's even a cookbook!
Just today, I spent a whopping $8.10 on these goodies:
2 boxes of cereal, Quaker Stila snack bites, Kraft chicken seasoning, 32oz bottle of nectarine juice, 5lb bag of potatoes, Jelly Belly freezer pops, and a box of tasty Pepperidge Farm Wheat Crisps. $8.10 I tell ya!

One important factor in dollar store shopping though, is keeping size and grocery store sales in mind. There have been many occasions where I got full sized boxes of name brand cereal at the grocery store for only 99¢ because I stacked coupons with an awesome store special. In that case, the 99¢ store would not have been cheaper. So that is something to consider. Additionally, I always check the expiration dates on food items that I buy at any dollar store. (I think it's only happened once where I was about to purchase something expired. I've had really good experiences with the food being fresh.)

So if you have a 99¢ Only Store near you (or a similar type) and you haven't gone yet, what are you waiting for?!?!? Just go in with a frugal, open mind and you will come away with some great finds!
Happy Shopping!!