Sunday, March 11, 2012

Siri Envy

Okay, as much as I adore my Android phone, I have to admit... I have a little bit of Siri-Envy. I have had no desire to get an iPhone, but that Siri feature is just TOO COOL!
So about a week ago, I thought I'd look in the Google Play Store to see if I could find a Siri type app for my Android phone. Not surprisingly, I found several Siri-Knockoffs. I downloaded one and played with it a few hours. It was less than awesome. I downloaded a few more and played around with them each for a while. They also left me disappointed.
Then, I found Eva, Virtual Assistant. I've been using "Eva" for about a week now, and I have to say, she's impressed me. She gives directions, sends text messages for me AND reads them to me, checks and sends email, plays my music, opens apps, gives me reminders, takes notes, and quite a few other nifty features. She can even update my Facebook status!
So, if anyone else with an Android phone has Siri-envy, I recommend giving Eva a try. You can get the "intern" version of the app, which is a free 28 day trial to try her out, so you have nothing to lose!!

(*This post has not been endorsed by the creators of Eva. I have not received any payment, goods or services for this review. I'm simply sharing an app that I have found useful!)